Neon Green Futures

Richard William Wheater

March 13th | 14th | 15th | 16th | 17th


8 places

Hosted at Canberra Glassworks, Australia


As a sign-post retaining nostalgia or a movie prop to project the future, the aesthetic of neon in narrative continues to retain powerful wide appeal. This Masterclass will be driven by Wheater’s renowned methods of using neon as a loaded story telling vehicle. 
The end result of the class will be less about the object and more the attempt to document a neon-infiltrated environment with perhaps a site-specific neon or action that it plays a role in. 

Expect the encouragement of experimentation. Expect to tear apart the traditional rule book on neon, how it's made and the role it can play. Expect to move from your comfort zone. Expect to take your work out of the workshop/gallery space, to engage with the world, as we push for new associations with this mysterious charged light.


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